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Decorative Landscaping

BCP offer a wide range of decorative services: stamped concrete, exposed aggregate and coloured concrete. These can be customised to your preferred colour, design and texture.

Not only do we cater for residential landscaping projects, but for larger projects such as playgrounds, schools, and sports grounds etc.
Enhance your surroundings be electing on of the options below.


Stamped Impression Concrete

Recreate the look of slate, or give your outdoor setting a contemporary stylish look using one of the various patterns available such as authentic granite, slate, stone, brick and even wood stamps. These can be done in an array of colours.

Exposed Aggregate

We achieve an exposed aggregate finish by washing off the top layer, leaving an exposed surface.
Specific mixes are chosen beforehand which have different coloured pebbles and stones to make each look unique. Sometimes to give the finish a more defined look, we can add some integral colour to the mix to really make the Exposed finish stand out.
Once the top surface layer is cured, we then place a layer of acrylic based sealer.


Colour Hardened Concrete

This is where coloured material is thrown over freshly laid concrete while it is still in it’s plastic state. This is then trowelled into the surface of the concrete and given the desired texture to finish. The advantage to this finish is that you can have more than one colour thrown onto the concrete to give a mottled look or flashes of another colour through it. As the colour is only on the surface its prone to wearing. It is highly recommended that a sealant is used on this option.

Integral Coloured Concrete

This is where the colour (normally a black oxide type) is added to the concrete at the batching plant. This is a very long lasting finish which is growing rapidly in popularity because it is a very hard wearing surface that will last without being sealed. This type of finish looks great with Decorate cuts.